Louise in English 

About Louise and what to expect:

Louise is an independant Clairvoyant Healer, Cranio Sacral Therapist, Midwife and a Channel for Univsersal Energies. Her daily teachings and healingwork with all kinds of people, in any kind of environment, goes along with her intention 

"to assist the evolutionary process that indeed is that of bringing humanity back to love, back to realizing what life really is. “ Louises method of helping and teaching is, by raising your consciousness.

What to expect: Through her persistent love to be connected to the highest possible consciousness, she creates an energic Vortex for the channeled Universal Energies to be felt in as we sit. This is to help to both the group as one, and the individuals present, so they can experience and feel the effect and power that awakens the soul. With words, visualizations and prayer she offers experiences of healing, clearing and realizing yourself in your own higher state of being. The effect in you will be proportional to your willingness to feel. So please be soft and sweet, just as you are when you are your authentic you. The whole experience has the form of a 100 % cared for guided meditation.

Louises path in this life began growing up as a farmers girl, being with nature elements. Later she took some rough kicks to become humble, more thankful and aware of life as a gift. At the age of 27 she had a soul-penetrating near-death-experience that since then, has kept her focusing on the need to share her own truth about life in as many ways as possible. Her passion for creativity, martial arts and everyday family life keeps her feet on the ground, which is necessary, since her consciousness seems to be so magnetized to Eternal Universal Love.


Pregnancy, birth preparation solo-preperation just for you: Price is 4000,- 

We arrange 4 sessions of 1,5 hours. It is on weekdays and you can mould your dates with me to fit your scedule. We cooperate about what you need and feel to feel ready and prepared for labour.

Pregnancy, birth preparation mini-groups are formed with minimum 3 women in the group.  

Price for all 4 days 1200kr payed upfront as you commit to the program. I will form a group when 3 women are ready to commit. 

The program will prepare you to labour and motherhood through personal insights that for sure will help you release your smaller or larger amounts of resistance or fear about the labour, the pains, death, body-exposure, trust issues, hospital-issues, partner issues and other relating-issues ect.

I have created a joyfilled deep diving program that I feel can meet the needs you have, nomatter WHAT you bring up, I help resove the issue.

We work as a group and as individuals, so prepare yourself to share bits about your emotions and dreams, as well as your ears to listen to the other womens feelings. We all benefit from groupwork as we feel less alone and more embraced. 

Program includes:


questions and answers,


importance of relaxation incl. rebozo

humor and humbleness towards mother nature 

Commit to the group, questions about anything and payment happens with me: 26 83 90 97



You can book a sessions with me in English, have me create a meditation support file for you in English and I can teach everything I know in English if you need me to. Just ask and I will help you. 

The workshops I facilitate are in Danish if nothing else is mentioned. BUT  I am totally ready to create some in English too as soon as the need is there. 

You find more and more of the youtube channeled messages and perspectives from me in English too, as our culture in this country is embracing more and more multinational everyday life. I am getting more “international” with the workshops I create and the “EarthPrayer Workshop” (info upcoming) is beginning to travel abroad as a result of this evolution. 

Price pr personal session is 700 Dkr/hour. Cranio Sacral Therapy, Trauma Release, Stress release, meditation focus-teaching, "evolution of your consciousness-sessions" and "touch your soul-sessions."

Phone session 800/hour. Half hour= half price.

Recorded file designed for YOU is 800 dkr pr Louises work-hours. Deal made up front.


about life: 

the most important relationship is with yourself:

© Louise Dissing 2021  "Dedicated to bring the world back to love” - most photos captured by Anna Falck Photography and Louise Holst Dissing